In 2021, the Indian businessman Amit Jain will have a net worth of 3000 Crore INR, or $368 million USD. Co-founder and CEO of the well-known Indian car portal and business, Car Dekho, is an entrepreneur from India by the name of Amit Jain. Amit Jain and his brother Anurag Jain founded the business Car Dekho. He has a sizable net worth and is one of India’s most prosperous businesspeople and entrepreneurs. The growth of Amit Jain’s net worth over time and his sources of income will be examined in this article. However, let’s get a quick background on him first.

Brief Information about Amit Jain

Name Amit Jain
Date of Birth 12 November 1976
Age 46 years
Father Prashant Jain
Mother Nilima Jain
Brother Anurag Jain
Spouse Pihu Jain
Children Aayan Jain
Aahil Jain
Occupation Entrepreneur, CEO, Businessman
Company Car Dekho, Zig Wheels, GirnarSOFT
Net Worth in USD $368 Million USD
Net Worth in INR ₹3000 Crore INR

Popular Indian businessman and entrepreneur Amit Jain is the co-founder of and owner of several enterprises. In 2008, Amit Jain and his brother Anurag Jain co-founded the well-known automotive e-commerce site Car Dekho. Amit Jain currently serves as the company’s CEO. After 14 years since its founding, Car Dekho now has a number of subsidiary businesses and will be valued at more than $1.2 billion in 2021, or over 9000 crore INR.

On November 12th, 1976, Amit Jain was born in Jaipur, Rajasthan. As of 2022, he is 46 years old. Prashant Jain and Nilima Jain are the names of Amit Jain’s parents. Amit Jain’s mother is a homemaker, while his father worked as an officer for the Reserve Bank of India and also dealt in precious stones. Anurag Jain, Amit Jain’s 43-year-old younger brother, is his name.

Amit Jain married Pihu Jain, one of the most significant employees of his businesses Car Dekho and GirnarSOFT. Two sons called Aayan Jain and Aahil Jain were born to Amit Jain and Pihu Jain.

In 2021, Amit Jain’s net worth will be 3000 Crore INR, or $368 Million USD. Indian businessman Amit Jain co-founded many organizations, including GirnarSOFT, Car Dekho, Zig Wheels, Bike Dekho, etc. As one of the most prosperous businessmen and entrepreneurs, Amit Jain’s net worth and income have significantly increased over the past few years. Amit Jain, who is credited with co-founding Car Dekho, has also founded additional businesses and acquired a number of others, all of which have helped to further boost his wealth.

As one of the key stakeholders in the e-commerce company Car Dekho, let’s take a closer look at how Amit Jain’s net worth has grown over the past few years and his sources of income.

Amit Jain’s Career Highlights

Amit Jain career

In the Rajasthani city of Jaipur, at St. Xavier’s School, Amit Jain finished his education. He earned his B.Tech degree from IIT Delhi after finishing his high school studies.

After earning his Bachelor of Technology degree, Amit Jain started working with TATA Consultancy Service as a software engineer. He spent a year working as a software developer at TATA Consultancy Service before leaving to pursue other chances.

He began working for Trilogy, a software firm in Austin, Texas, in the United States. He began his employment as a Senior Associate there.

He eventually became the Delivery Manager after receiving a promotion to Product Manager after a number of years. He spent almost six years working for Trilogy.

Amit Jain returned to India and submitted his resignation from Trilogy when his father passed away in 2006. He had the notion to launch a company in his hometown.

Amit Jain and his brother Anurag Jain founded GirnarSOFT, an IT company, in 2007. Amit Jain and his brother Anurag Jain launched their first business together, GirnarSOFT.

Amit Jain and his business partner GirnarSOFT co-founded Car Dekho in 2008 as the organization’s flagship project.

According to Amit Jain, he and his brother Anurag co-founded with the intention of creating a used automobile company. He said that there were several firms for new automobiles but none for used cars; as a result, they collaborated with car dealers up front and with banks in the background.

Bike Dekho was established as Car Dekho’s first subsidiary business in 2009. A motorbike-focused e-commerce site called Bike Dekho.

Car Dekho’s initial round of fundraising in 2013 came with a valuation of 250 crore Indian rupees. In 2013, Sequoia Capital India contributed $15 million to their initial investment round.

Car Dekho purchased in 2014, then the following year, in 2015, the business purchased Zig Wheels from Times Internet, a division of the Times of India Group. Later, Times Internet invested in the parent firm of Car Dekho, GirnarSOFT.

Carmudi, an online auto marketplace with its headquarters in the Philippines, was purchased by Car Dekho in 2019. To further their expansion into South East Asia, Car Dekho purchased Carmudi. Amit Jain’s Car Dekho is currently valued at $1.2 billion USD and has raised a total of $497 million in investment.

In season two of the popular television program Shark Tank India, Amit Jain took Ashneer Grover’s place as a shark in 2022.

Amit Jain Net Worth and Income Details

Amit Jain Net Worth

Amit Jain has a net worth of 3000 Crore INR ($368 Million USD), as was previously stated. Amit Jain’s net worth has significantly increased over the past several years along with the expansion of his business, Car Dekho, the top automotive e-commerce site in India. Amit Jain co-founded several other companies in addition to Car Dekho, including Bike Dekho, Zig Wheels, Insurance Dekho, OTO, and Carmudi, all of which contributed to the rise of Amit Jain’s personal net worth. As the CEO of Car Dekho for the past few years, Amit Jain’s net worth has increased as shown below.

Amit Jain receives more than 50 Crore INR in yearly revenue from his businesses, mostly Car Dekho. The salaries that Amit Jain receives from the many businesses that he works with are his primary sources of revenue. Amit Jain has several stocks and shares of businesses worth millions of dollars in addition to the income he receives. The quantity of stocks and shares that Amit Jain has from his many businesses, including Car Dekho, Bike Dekho, Zig Wheels, OTO, and Insurance Dekho, contributes to his wealth.

Amit Jain is a millionaire entrepreneur and businessman by default because all of the companies he owns are valued at more than $2.5 billion USD or more.

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